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Ready for a new adventure, nerds? Step into Stranger Things The Official Pop-up. Discover some of the show's most iconic locations and check out all of the gnarly merch and rad activities waiting inside. Answer the yellow phone at Joyce’s house, play games at the Palace Arcade, and take a stroll through the Lab, if you dare. Just know that you might come face to face with a Demogorgon—don’t say we didn’t warn you!
info - Stranger Things: The Official POP UP


  1. Enjoy a truly immersive experience themed around the Stranger Things universe
  2. Explore realistic set recreations of iconic locations from the show
  3. Browse through a wide array of Stranger Things products integrated into each location
  4. Enjoy stunning photo ops, interactive activities, and many ǝƃuɐɹʇs moments!
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    • We are closed! Thank you for an incredible run!

Nerds, can’t wait to visit the Stranger Things Official POP UP?


Get ready for an immersive experience!

Exclusive Merch & Memorabilia

Get your hands on tons of exclusive and custom pieces only available at the Official Pop-up! Vintage-style 80’s tees, Stranger Things-themed trucker hats, plush dolls of your favorite characters and so much more. There’s something for everyone too, ranging from themed baby bodysuits to Palace Arcade fanny packs and Surfer Boy Pizza kitchen aprons. Get ready to level up your collection and geek out in style!

Stranger Things: The Official POP UP

Iconic Locations

Embark on an interactive journey filled with photo moments and fun easter eggs, as you explore Hawkins and settings like Joyce’s House, Palace Arcade and Starcourt Mall. You will be able to interact with friends and foes from Hawkins.

Stranger Things: The Official POP UP

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What people think about Stranger Things: The official POP-UP

  • Stefan C.

    Embark on a journey to the world of Stranger Things. Fans of all kinds, casual and hard-core, would have a great experience at The Official Pop-Up. When you walk in you're greeted by the neon Stranger Things logo, then pass though a dark hall with red neon lights guiding you straight into the Byers' living room. There are different sections with a different feel making you feel as if you were in the set.

  • Margarita A.

    We are mega fans and we LOVED this The Official Pop-Up! Super fun! Loved all of the picture taking opportunities and the exclusive merchandise.

  • Robert D.

    Netflix has done it again! Another fun The Official Pop-Up! experience for fans to enjoy in between seasons! Fun photo ops with moments from each season represented. Fun 80’s music playing over sound system with occasional Stranger Things lighting and sound effects. Great 80’s home and school vignettes and displays. Palace arcade with several classic coin-op games (all free!). Fun merch to buy!

  • Laila R.

    Definitely check this one out if you have the chance. You don't even have to know much about the show to appreciate the experience. They have so many photos opps and items in The Official Pop-Up.

  • Blake W.

    Very cool The Official Pop-Up, especially for big fans of the show. Each room was themed with a difference set piece from the show. They had a LOT of Stranger Things merch as well as things you could buy that the characters in the show used or enjoyed.

  • Cassandra C.

    Fun place if you are a fan of the show. Not just a Pop-Up, but a whole Stranger Things experience!!

  • Kay L.

    Staff was extremely friendly, especially the ones who welcomed my family and I to The Official Pop-Up.Thank you Stranger Things Fam!! And because the tickets were zero cost, I was able to bring my 5 kids too!! We made it a family “Stranger Things” day. Thank you so much!! It was a great experience and so much fun!!

  • Cariely P.

    Such an amazing and fun immersive experience all for free! if you're a super fan of Stranger Things then checking out this place is a must! Will Byers' living room, snow ball '84, a free mini arcade, lots of neon lights, and a portal that leads to a Demogorgon! I personally loved it.

  • Kim R.

    So fun! My kiddo and her friends had a blast! The staff were all so friendly and you could tell they were fans as well. I loved how some were dressed up. The attention to every detail was phenomenal and the merchandise to buy was great. The music and light show made it so much fun.

  • Alessandra M.

    It was all so amazing, the music, the flickering lights, all the sets. It was an experience we’ll remember forever. I would 100% go again and would recommend to other people.

  • Dayana C.

    I loved it so much! I am such a fan of the show, and having the different rooms display different scenes from the show (as well as The Official Pop-Up going “upside down” every once in a while) was so much fun!


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